Art Cinema OFFoff : Night of Experimental Film

fri 15.04.2016

Dok Noord 5L
9000 Ghent


On our yearly 'Night of Experimental Film', we focus on the sensual experience of historical film on the big screen in combination with the radical music of today. The programme is preceded by Young Vagrants: a selection of the best entries we received from young talents in the experimental field. We end the night with a big party with dj's. The Ghent based record label B.A.A.D.M. (Mathieu Serruys and Joris Verdoodt) presents three exciting international live acts: Loke Rahbek, Erik Enocksson and the duo Opéra Mort are all central figures in contemporary experimental music. Curator Sofie Verdoodt was inspired by the oldest imaginable principle: the inseperable connection between love and death, 'eros and thanatos'. Sometimes literal, as in Yukoku: The Rite of Love and Death (1966), the only film of Japanese director Mishima, sometimes interpreted somewhat more veiled as the instinctual as in Sidney Peterson's surrealist work The Potted Psalm (1947). Death and Love are extreme oppositions but they are still complementary in a Freudian way, think for example of the orgasm that is compared to a 'little death'. Peter Tscherkassky and Takahiko Iimura translated these concepts to a formal level into images that are rich in contrast and rituals. In their formalist films Dream Work (2001) and Ai/Love (1962-1963), the body is presented as a 'pars pro toto': fragmented and alternating between zoom in and zoom out. In Fuses (1965), Carolee Schneemann also plays a game of appearing and disappearing. Just like Mishima she acts in her own film and thus raises the stakes, because her 'sex tape' is turned into a meditation on the medium with as much lyricism as a craving for destruction.

Is love a repetition for death?


With the support of Stad Gent, Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen, Vlaanderen, VAF, Nationale Loterij, Caruur, Tex Mex, Stake 5


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