Leyla Aydoslu : 'Out of the Blue'

sat 08.04 - sat 06.05.2017

Kalfstraat 42
8300 Knokke-Heist

website: www.cwart.be

Participating artists: Martijn Schuppers, Marcel Berlanger, Leyla Aydoslu, Remi Verstraete, Sébastien Capouet


CWART aims to create new opportunities for emerging artists who have not yet found a place within the existing scene. CWART presents exhibitions of recent creations, grouped by theme and at a pace of four projects per year.

Every work of art is part of the chain that links both history and tradition to contemporary technological and philosophical possibilities. The beautiful exhibition areas create a stunning stage for various disciplines. CWART stimulates and inspires. CWART creates scope for experiment.