Tim Onderbeke selects works from the collection Marc Vancoppernolle : De toets van de Leiestreek

fri 30.03 - sun 15.04.2018

Vosselaere Put
Kleine Pontstraat 5
9800 Astene

' De Toets van de Leiestreek '


Collection Marc Vancoppernolle,

works selected by Tim Onderbeke

30 maart tot 15 april 2018


The exhibition wil contain works by
Albert Claeys
Roger Raveel
Guillaume Montobio
Agnes Maes
Maurice Schelck
Jules Dezutter
Vic Dooms
Raoul De Keyser
Herman Van Nazareth
Carlos Cornelis


Painterliness to print back to painterly again .
A decade of artists living in the same surroundings.
And then again the brushstroke could be given the intention
To translate what the wind blew thru the trees,
What the water mirrored on a cloudy day.


Opening hours

Friday evening, Saturday from 11AM and Synday from 10AM