Ontvreemde kunst uit Hasselt en Gent

fri 30.11 - sun 02.12.2018

Het Kunst Schip
Bampslaan 43
3500 Hasselt

website: www.facebook.com/events/1218677141628862


Group exhibition curated by Pablo Hannon

8 artists from Hasselt wrote a letter to
8 artists from Ghent
to get to know each other.

Art followed, the intimacy
of hanging close to one another on a wall.
The desire to take away the stranger
in you and me.

Art and letters by
Ick Reuvis x Sam Eggermont
Robin Castelijns x Corry Vandermassen
Tom Lambeens x Isa D'hondt
Sarah Hermans x Jo Michiels
Pavel Balta x Jan Delestinne
Ellen Vrijsen x Brantt
Sofie Grondelaers x Fred Pectoor
Pablo Hannon x Sarah Desmet

This project was initiated after Pablo Hannon was invited to visit NUCLEO's Leopoldskazerne in Ghent. The KONING LEOPOLD performance in Kabaal followed, then the BULDOZER x Kabaal performance in Caermersklooster happened.

Now ONTVREEMD is happening.
2 x 8 letters and 2 x 8 art pieces
1 group exhibition bringing Ghent and Hasselt closer.

Het Kunst Schip operates under the umbrella of The School.
Forming a better city, forming a better station area of Hasselt.