Corry Vandermassen @ Listen to me

sat 13.04 - sun 05.05.2019

Zebrastraat 32
9000 Gent


Listen to Me — Sounds like Silence, Looks like Tinnitus


The art project Listen to Me starts from the brainsounds experienced by people who suffer from tinnitus and takes silence as an essential ingredient of the exhibition.

Someone with tinnitus or ringing in the ears "hears" a beep, noise, crickets, bells and / or other sounds that are not there in reality. The risk of tinnitus increases with age, but more and more younger people also struggle with it. In general, disturbing tinnitus occurs on average in 17% of the population. Although the onset is usually found in the ear, the tinnitus itself develops in the brain.

Listen to Me is not a sensitization campaign against noise nuisance. With a specially developed program and synthesizers, the sounds that these people "hear" were recreated through methodological dialogue. These sounds can be listened to by the visitor and were offered to artists as a starting point for their work. For substantive and scientific research, institutions, research centers, psychologists and neurologists were called upon.

When visiting the exhibition, one sese and heasr the works, experiencing the subjective experience of the patient. For this, a selection of international artists from various disciplines was asked to make work. With Installation, visual arts, sound art, performance and sci-art, the sound experiences, the state of mind and the psychological consequences for the sufferer and his environment are brought to artistic expression.

- Adam Basanta (CA)
- Heide Bertram (DE)
- Peter Beyls (BE)
- Joris Blanckaert (BE)
- John Cage Trust (VS)
- Ruth Devriendt (BE)
- Philippe Druez (BE)
- Einstürzende Neubauten (DE)
- Pierre Huyghe (FR)
- Robert Rauschenberg (VS)
- Corry Vandermassen (BE)
- Yves Velter (BE)

Vernissage : Saturday 13 April from 14 until 18h
- Live performance and interpretation of John Cage's 4'33"
Finissage: Sunday 5 May from 14 until 18h
- Live performance with synths

Opening hours:
 - Saturday & Sunday from 11am until 18pm
 - Wednesday from 1pm until 5pm
 - Thursday from 7pm until 10pm
 - Other days: by reservation for individuals, groups and schools