Troebel Neyntje : : Shelf Publishing

fri 03.05 - sun 02.06.2019

Leuvenstraat 32
2000 Antwerpen


Shelf Publishing

Onrealistic initiative Troebel Neyntje invites its friends – in collaboration with Dr. J.S. Stroop – to dive deep into shelf and drawer, to then be processed together in a new edition, in the form of a shelf with an archive drawer under it, titled ‘Shelf Publishing.’

Of course with the full support of the vzw English Language Jokes for Dutch Speakers. Bullshit will never die!

With work by: Zena Van den Block, Idris Sevenans, Werner de Vos, Robby Blondbaard, J.Krissis, Dries Van Laethem, Lisa Vantorre, Nienke Baeckelandt, Jolijn  Baeckelandt, Tone Pauwels, Nicolas Bal, Larsen Bervoets, Maika Garnica, Thomas Willemen, Jo Caimo, Saskia Van der Gucht, Jan Dewanckel, Rien Schellemans, AARS, Damien De Lepeleire, Hans Theys, Kristo & Kristo, Michela Dal Brollo, Amber Vanluffelen, Flexboj&LA


Opening Thursday 2nd of May 19h-21h
Exposition from Friday 3th of may untill sunday 2nd of June 2019
The museum is open daily from 11h untill 18h;
Thursdays untill 21h, closed on Mondays.