Linde Dumolein @ Garden of Eden

thu 23 - sun 26.05.2019

Chinastraat 1
9000 Gent




EXPO Garden of Eden


Linde Dumolein & Fenna Van Espen

The Garden of Eden (Hebrew גַּן עֵדֶן, Gan ʿEḏen), also called Paradise, is the biblical "garden of God". Another interpretation associates the name with a Hebrew word for "pleasure"; thus the Douay-Rheims Bible in Genesis 2:8 has the wording "And the Lord God had planted a paradise of pleasure" rather than "a garden in Eden". The Hebrew term is translated "pleasure" in Sarah's secret saying in Genesis 18:12.[7]

friday 24 may 14-19h
saturday 25 may 14-19h
sunday 26 may 14-19h

Linde is a master graduate in the arts has a recurring theme butter. She confronts the public with the amount of butter she uses. Is it ethically correct? Her work "Eating Butter" shows her love for the luxury product as it shows the disgust and repulsiveness it evokes.

Fenna is a master graduate in the fine arts. Her inspiration comes from her ever growing passion for movies and pop-culture. Film is an escape from the reality we are currently based at. Excess is a important element of her work. The loud colors and female bodies will give you an escape.

Excited to see installation and sculpture in one room? Waddup we are too! Come to our openingshow the 23th of may at 19pm!