Lieven Lefere @ Van Eyck in de diepte

sat 21.03 - thu 31.12.2020

GUM – Gents Universiteitsmuseum
Ledeganckstraat 35
9000 Ghent


In this pop-up exhibition in the context of ‘OMG! Van Eyck was here’, the year in which we celebrate Jan Van Eyck, the GUM takes the architect’s viewpoint in order to subject Van Eyck’s painting to scientific analysis. Was Van Eyck, as is generally believed, indeed not familiar with the rules of perspective? Why then does his work exude this sense of harmony? Architect Patrick Seurinck gets to work with these research questions, with the help of a group of UGent students of architecture. In the pop-up, their scientific analysis is confronted with the artistic analysis carried out by four contemporary artists. Similar to Van Eyck, they set out to look for their own perspective.

Will their quests lead to harmony? Or, rather, friction?

Welcome to Jan Van Eyck’s studio.

This pop-up expo takes place in the Gallery, the exhibition space for temporary exhibitions in the GUM.


  • Stijn Cole
  • Katelijne De Corte
  • Lieven Lefere
  • Paul Robbrecht (architect)


  • Dr. Patrick Seurinck
  • Dr. Marjan Doom

Prof. dr. ir.-arch. Dirk De Meyer and students from the Engineering and Architecture programme.


  • Jonas Lescrauwaet