Conrad Willems @ Oneiro Galerie

fri 05.12.2014 - sat 31.01.2015

Oneiro Galerie
7b/9 rue du Perche 75003

author: Conrad Willems


The exhibition "Did you say Abstract" opened in Paris the 4th of December, collecting work from Conrad Willems, John Franzen and Gyula Sági. 

Conrad Willems is showing seven drawings including some very recent ones not shown before.

The three exhibiting artists are friends. They're showing work that refers to "serialism", using techniques like consecutive repetitions and repeat-drawings in freehand black ink. Together with Gryanne Stunnenberg, they form an artist group called "Serialists", promoting the artistic movement of Serialism since 2014. 

You can visit the gallery in the charming Le Marais neighbourhood from Tuesday to Saturday, 10:30 to 19:00.
Conrad will be visiting regularly, so don't hesitate to let him know if you're visiting as well!


For more information, visit Oneiro's website or Facebook, or the dedicated Serialist page to discover the other artists.