Dominiek Colpaert: Temple of Maybe

thu 23.04 - thu 18.06.2015

Het Paviljoen
Louis Pasteurlaan 2
9000 Ghent

Vernissage: 23.04.2015, 19:00
Finissage: 18.06.2015, 19:00
Visits from Monday untill Thursday
between 08u00 - 11u30 and 13u00 - 18u00

For the fifth exhibition of this season, Samuel Vanderveken - at the invitation of Het Paviljoen - founded Erewhon*, an eight-headed group of artists. For Vanderveken, Erewhon symbolizes a place yet to be discovered; a new idea or insight into the ever-changing here and now. Temple of Maybe unites the individual views of this group of artists, who build unique universes within their individual practice, arising from specific perspectives on our present reality. 

Although inspired by shapes, symbols, and aesthetic features from existing (religious) beliefs, Temple of Maybe provides no alternative. Rather, it is a shelter for the multitude of possible viewpoints. The glass pavilion is thus converted into a refuge, a place for exchange, confirmation, idolatry, or a place for reflection, and contemplation.

For this project, Erewhon considers what "religion" means, what form it may take, and how it is embedded in society. Religion is often summarized as a set of views or philosophies, provided with corresponding rituals, practices, symbols, compositions or forms of idolatry. In addition to science and spirituality, religion tries to offer an explanation to "inexplicable" natural wonders, and the irrationality of our human existence.
When someone supports a particular religion or ideology, we ask ourselves whether origin, upbringing and environment play a role in this. These divergent beliefs are indeed different in approach, but similar in function. This makes it possible to imagine that a fusion of these beliefs is possible. New religions can arise, and even the artistic practice can be considered and experienced in this way.

Furthermore, in this new reality, the elimination of all beliefs (whether religious, scientific, political, spiritual or economic in nature) is conceivable, so that the boundary between believing in "something" and believing in "nothing" is blurred. What happens when man lets loose of hope for improvement, of expectations that he has regarding his "gods", and of the anxiety of a life even worse - hell if you like -, and learns to deal with the irrationality of existence? What if he just might be surprised, without the necessity of something to go by? And what role is reserved for art? These are just some (utopian) questions and concerns Erewhon releases on the visitor in Temple of Maybe. Welcome!

For this project, Erewhon unites artists, buren (Oshin Albrecht en Melissa Mabesoone) , Dominiek Colpaert, Geert Koekoeckx, Warre Mulder, Tom Poelemans, Samuel Vanderveken, and Katleen Vinck.