Juan Duque : Mediations

do 26.01 - za 18.02.2012

Platform 3



Juan Duque was de afgelopen twee maanden residerende kunstenaar bij Platform3 in München. Op 26 januari opende hij er zijn expositie Mediation. NUCLEO bezocht Platform3 en was present op de vernissage. 

De expositie is nog geopend tem 18 februari. 

Meer beeldmateriaal is te vinden op www.betweencorners.eu




Mediation – press release

“Juan Duque’s own constant displacement allows him to inhabit multiple worlds, multiple places, multiple borders and multiple temporalities simultaneously. Taking the place of an outsider, an observer in the field, the artist is interested in revealing which processes and actions take place parallel to the daily routine in the peripheral context of Platform3.

Distortion, fragmentation, repetition, dislocation, translation and accumulation are all irregularities that emerge in the gaps of a city’s fixed, efficient and stringent infrastructure. Their dynamic, almost organic condition raises questions about the relationship between memory, temporality and space in the context of generic industrial clusters.

The title of the project, Mediation, refers to a position in the context of a negotiation.

The outcome of a two-month residency at Platform3, the exhibition proposes an open form of dialogue with the spectator. Showing a wide range of media from photographs to video and in situ installation, it sets the scene for an encounter, possible entanglement and transfer of other possible landscapes. In the exhibition space, the arrangement of objects as well as processes used for capturing and transferring traces and images allow for multiple associations that tear down the perceptual paradigm of “inside” vs. “outside”. The site specificity of the works arouses awareness for the precarious nature of urban space, as opposed to the hierarchical organization and imposed structural functionality of urban planning and architecture.”

Marlene Riegler, 2012
Mediation is the result of a cooperation between the Belgian artist-studio-programme Nucleo and Platform3

Exhibition 26.01 – 18.02.2012
Mo – Sa 11 – 19h, Mi 12 – 20h