Stéphanie Leblon : "Liquid Bodies"

zo 07.06 - za 22.08.2015

Light Cube Art Gallery
St. Martensstraat 12
9600 Ronse






In the paintings and drawings of Stéphanie Leblon drifting and diving human figures are being carried by water. A surface that enables her to offer her subjects uninhibited freedom of movement : ‘they start to float in the water’.

Consciously choosing not to ‘paint’ the water is a way of emphasizing this phenomenon. The distortions, caused by the refraction and reflection of the undulating, always moving water surface, provide the images with a certain playfulness, a certain frivolousness. Without actually depicting the medium of water, Leblon still use its geometry as the sketch baseline for her paintings. You could call it an optical deconstruction of reality; the water with its very specific properties of refraction and distortion becomes the medium that will fragment, slit, tear apart our image of man. Like a centrifugal force. An endless, always changing flux. Fragmented man searching the universe for the bits and pieces of himself. The distortions she put in her work represent a sense

of unbridled freedom. They function as metaphors. Distortions through movement signify ‘more’ or ‘different’ and represent the divided and always searching self. The water as a symbol. It conjures up a feeling of freedom of movement. As well as being surrounded, enclosed … enveloped in the womb. Sheltered, safe and at peace with oneself. Sheltered versus fragmented, peacefulness versus terror ; this duality of moving water is what fascinates her so much.