Steven Messiaen : Unstable

vr 30.06 - za 01.07.2017

Art Cinema OFFoff
Lange Violettestraat 237
9000 Gent

30-06-17: 19u30-22u

01-07-17: 14u-18u


Nayra Martín Reyes is a Tenerifian artist. She lives and works in Ghent and Tenerife (ES). For the duo exhibiton UNS- TABLE she’ll be presenting new work.

Nayra Martín Monumento en vi-vo: Uns- table appears to confront us with a public secret. Using herself as the catalyst, the presence and body of the artist draws us in, revealing a performance work inspired by the ill found values that our (and all) capitalist societies are built upon: greed, wealth, posession and power perpretated by the well-off, self-importance and fashion.

Within the work frame of the artist, one can see this performance as a new reflection on the duality of monumentality/power. Nayra’s monuments are usually in a state of decay, breaking down or have been transmogrified by time. In this case, the work is physically perilous -unattached chairs on top of a table with the artist sitting at the top of it all- the artist must constantly keep her balance while interacting with her props. However, she seems to be injured. What does this mean? Are the ones at the top of the pyramid wounded (perhaps fatally and about to fall forever)? Or is it rather the insane lust for ‘having’ all that which society has indoctrinated us with from birth?

Steven Messiaen is a Belgian Artist. He lives and works in Ghent. During July and Augustus, Steven Messiaen and Dany Deprez are inviting enthusiastic makers and doers whose working fields have a focus on video, film, performance, prints, installation, sound and cross-over media.