Thomas Kuijpers @ Unseen

vr 22 - zo 24.09.2017



Photo: European supernova (After supernova comes black hole), 2017, Thomas Kuijpers


The works of visual artist Thomas Kuijpers (b. 1985, NL) revolve around the way images and text are used to create a narrative about true events, and how they influence our perception. His works mostly originate from recent happenings, questioning the value of an image and its contemporary use. 

In 2015 Kuijpers received a grant from the Creative Industries Fund and was awarded the AG Art Award. In the past few years, he has presented his work in venues like Art Weekender (Bristol), Incubarte 7 (Valencia), B.A.D. (Brussel), RAM Foundation (Rotterdam), Galerie Pennings (Eindhoven) and Krakow Photomonth Festival 2016. He also exhibited his work in renowned places like Museum Arnhem, MASP (Sao Paulo), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam) and Foam  Photography Museum (Amsterdam). Kuijpers’ work is part of the collection of Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam) and several private collectors.