Joke Raes : Wild Walks

do 05.04 - zo 06.05.2018

De Belgische Ambassade
3037- 7 Hei,
Kuromuta Aritacho,


We are happy to announce that the Embassy of Belgium will be presenting works by Joke Raes. The Embassy’s Art Space will not be open to public however works will be presented to their VIP invites in occasions of some gathering or parties. However, on 5th of April the Embassy of Belgium will hold a small talk event for invited guests.

At this talk, Joke will introduce the projects developed over the course of a two-month residency program in the historical town of Arita, where the first porcelain was produced in Japan. She will talk about the story behind her work as well as her perspectives on tradition, craft, art, history and culture gained through personal experiences during her residency.