BRUT @ Milan Design Week

di 17 - zo 22.04.2018

Studio Mariniello
Viale Stelvio 66


BRUT is a new collective of six emerging Belgian designers. The junction of their practices is a natural consequence of the apparent similarities in imagery, concepts and vision. The six represent a young generation of Belgian designers which values the significance of collaboration and collective involvement within the contemporary design landscape.

BRUT therefore embodies the commitment to realizing a dialogue between designers and their design language: a visual and conceptual encounter which both reflects the common qualities of the designers and emphasizes the personal idiosyncrasies of their practices. This dialogue is always materialized with a co-decided scenography - a shared setting which visualizes a collective narrative.

BRUT has a dedicated attention for the architectural, sculptural and emotional potential of (contemporary Belgian) design. On the one hand, this focus is a result of the personal sensibiliteies of the participating designers - the corresponding characters of their practices. On the other hand, it creates a common ground and motive; it realizes and defines an environment where the designers can show, strenghen and challenge each other.


BRUT makes its début during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, 2018.



Ben Storms

Bram Vanderbeke

Cédric Etienne - Studio Corkinho

Charlotte Jonckheer

Linde Freya Tangelder - Destroyers/Builders

Nel Verbeke