Karel Verhoeven : Caught Fish, City Fish

zo 06.05 - do 28.06.2018

EI Huis - Window Gallery
Sassekaai 45
9000 Gent

website: www.experimentalintermedia.be/eihuis/18/karel/index.html

Karel brings the species of fish living near the crossing of two canals in to view.

He did some research, talking with local city fishermen, and using findings from The Institute for Nature and Forest Research. Gradually the fish were caught and examined.  Emi wrote a short story about a conversation between a fisherman and the fish that was caught.

At the finissage on June 28th, between 7pm and 10pm, all the fish will be released and a silkscreen poster/edition, will be shared.*

Visual artist Karel Verhoeven (Ghent, 1982) works mainly in sculptural and architectural aspects of public spaces. Like an archaeologist, he is constantly searching for the buried truth, often reflecting in a poetic manner, our daily life.
www.karelverhoeven.be       info@karelverhoeven.be

Visual artist and writer, Emi Kodama (Vancouver, 1980), focuses on layering the every day with memories and daydreams to create stories that people can explore and expand.   Her work creates a world that blends your imagination with hers.
www.emikodama.com     emi_kodama@hotmail.com