Saar De Buysere @ Shoobil Galerie

zo 22.07 - zo 26.08.2018

Museumstraat 4
2000 Antwerpen


vernissage zondag 22-07: 16-19u

finissage zondag 26-08: 16-19u


open zat-zon: 14-18u






Saar De Buysere

Dreamy and nature-inspired, she shows us mountain views and landscapes, examining them as economic, touristic and geological phenomenons. While De Buysere integrates everyday objects such as sand, flowers, newspapers, coffee or salt into her sculptures, her drawings are made with graphic pencils and treated with a secret mattifying procedure.


Besmir Latifi

Besmir Latifi is a Fashion Designer and Painter from Albania. He is a passionate worker, as a woodsman in the forest in his home region or in the craft of his art. He has a commitment to subtle beauty and has an eye for detail. His talent and boundless discipline make him a talent you will rarely meet.


Daniël Peetermans

Daniël Peetermans pushes or smears paint and creates a surface of interacting geometric forms.
This is the beginning of a constructed composition designed only by accessing a pictorial alphabet of forms desiring to establish a universal aesthetic language.