Rebekka Löffler : : A PLACE, A WORD

zo 26.08.2018

Desguinlei 25



26 August 2018, 4-7 pm, deSingle, Antwerp

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A collaboration between Rebekka Löffler & Ruben de Gheselle within the framework of MOLECULE.

The artist Rebekka Löffler and the composer Ruben de Gheselle have created a visual and acoustic installation
for this project. A PLACE, A WORD is a composition of seven basic shapes built in ceramic that bend and rearrange
themselves in various constellations while interacting with the sound composition based on music gestures of four
saxophones merged with the softly spoken words of a poem. The installation wants to create a multi-dimensional
image of complex structures of thoughts built out of a stream of words. These are following their inner nature, rising
and unfolding themselves in order to evaporate again. Their formations are contrary: transitory and fragile,
liquid and changeable, but sometimes also powerful and occupying.

MOLECULE is a collaboration between artist from the HISK, young composers from the conservatoires of Gent and
Antwerp, and the musicians of BL!NDMAN. Five projects have been born from this collaboration.

Thanks to the friendly support of HISK, BL!NDMAN and KASK!