Elisabeth Van Dam, Joke Raes @ Marginalia

wo 31.10 - zo 11.11.2018

9051 Sint-Denijs-Westrem

website: www.facebook.com/events/785666031764772


Vernissage - 31/10 om 14u - ...
Expo - 01/11 tot 11/11 van 14u tot 18u

Marginalia are illustrations which can be found in the ornamental framework of medieval manuscripts. These hidden drawings show absurd, humorous or even perverted scenes with animistic and spiritual characters.

Marginalia is an outdoors exhibition, hosted by STOCK and InDeRuimte, located in the arcadian landscape of a residential neighborhoud in Sint-Denijs-Westrem. Twenty-one artists are invited to show work in this park.

You are warmly invited to join them in the gardens surrounding an exquisite villa to explore life in the margins, both as condition humaine as well as a quest for relics of the shadows.

Akane Yorita, Bart Van Dijck, Chantal van Rijt, Elisabeth Van Dam, Fia Cielen, Gwenllian Spink, Jerome Gardening Guild, Joke Raes, Jonathan Paepens, Joost Pauwaert, Julie De Kezel, Naomi Gilon, Nick Sanderson, Pieter Jennes, Rosa De Coster, Rūdolfs Štamers, Simon Bultynck, Simon Masschelein, Sibran Samper, Tine Deboelpaep, Xavier Mary

curated by Koi Persyn


Productie: STOCK en In de Ruimte