Chloe Chignell

Art Cinema OFFoff : : it is a strange realism but it is a strange reality

zo 16.12.2018

Projection room
Rue de Praetere 55
1180 Ukkel


Elena Betros López, ArtCinema OFFoff and feeelings are very pleased to invite you to it is a strange realism, but it is a strange reality*, an afternoon program of screenings and talkings with Elena Betros López, Les Insoumuses, Emilie Notéris, Clara Pacotte and Kalinda Vary.


Before all else there are the facts. When they enter public discourse, they indicate how the other is perceived. Threats are dressed up as jokes, barely able to hide their hatred of women and others. Women gaining power only to use it against their class. Politicians and the media addressing urgent human matters through reductive yet deadly cynical catchphrases.

The artists within this program look closely at myths, fictions and re-appropriation of public speech. By re-proposing they offer a reparative agency to those ever-painful, ever-demeaning discourses and normative narratives.

An afternoon of screenings and talkings examining reparative agency or how to cope.


14u30 - Maso et Miso Vont en Bateau, Les Insoumuses 60’ - screening
15u40 - this is how the sag and folded, Elena Betros López, 30’ - screening
16u10 - Victory Speech 2013, Kalinda Vary 4’ -screening
16u15 - Break 30’
16u45 - Cuirasse Bientôt Cloutée d’or, Clara Pacotte, 46’ - screening
17u30 - La Fiction Réparatrice, Emilie Noteris, 60’ – talk
18u30 - Discussion and Q&A with Elena Betros López, Emilie Noteris and Clara Pacotte
19u     - Food and Drinks


[Escapement Machine]
Companion lovers try to develop a machine to evacuate nightmares, obsessions, irritation, anger, boredom, inertia, ill-will.
This is what they call their escapement machine.
But in the absence of an effective discovery, they use a number of alternative suggestions.
‘If your friend is in a bad mood, hit her with all your strength.’
‘If your lover gets bored, leave her immediately.’
‘If you have nightmares, stop sleeping.’
‘If a sudden anger chokes you, choke.’
(Martha Ephore, Major Suggestions, gaul, age of glory)

Monique Wittig and Sande Zweig
'Lesbian Peoples: Materials for A Dictionary' (1976)


Entrance 4€
You are so welcome to come



*The title of the event comes from the Ursula K. Le Guin text 'The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction' (1986)

Graphic design : Chloe Chignell