Leo Gabin, Ines Claus, Tim Onderbeke & Bert Huyghe : : Neighbours Vol. 8

zo 03.02 - za 20.04.2019

Dendermondsesteenweg 80
9000 Gent

website: www.riot-ghent.org

Neighbours Vol.8 — Artist Collections’ Groupshow

OPENING SUN 03.02.2019

The exhibition shows the art collections, about 80 works shown from different nationalities and backgrounds, of a selection invited visual artists. The artists have acquired their art collections originated from an exchange with fellow artist. The aim is to demonstrate the mutual connections and field of interest of the artists involved. This without being dependent on commercial restrictions accompanied by the term ‘art collector’. With this exhibition the works go into dialogue with each other by placing them together on one monumental wall. It is an important aspect to gain an insight into the links between younger unknown and more renowned artists. The exhibition refers to the Paris Salons that took place since 1667. These salons were characterised by visitors who included all layers of the population.

Invited artists : Israel Lund, Louis Cane, Andy Boot, Mark Flood, Landon Metz, Josh Smith, Adrien Vescosi, Harmony Korine, Damien De Lepeleire, Eric Croes, Benoit Platéus, John Roebas, Julien Meert, Leo Gabin, Max Frintrop, Patrick Carpentier, Paul Cowan, Sarah Crowner, Manor Grunewald, Valerian Goalec, Bill Saylor, Ines Claus, Polly Huyghe, Michael St. John, Bas Van Den Hurk, Colin Penno, Dieter Durinck & Elke Van De Kerckvoorde, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Max Kesteloot, Marius Lut, Luc Fuller, Samuel Francois, Simon Laureyns, Peter Waterschoot, Tim Onderbeke, Stefan Peters, Michiel Ceulers, Albert Oehlen, Bert Huyghe, Jana Schröder, Benjamin Houlihan, Michael Pirgelis, Peppi Bottrop, Tobias Hofknecht, Joep Van Liefland, Stien Bekaert, William Crawford, Thomas Wachholz, Xavier Mary, Fabian Ginsberg, Arnaud Eubelen, Eva L’Hoest, Walter Swennen.