Ines Claus, Ruud @ Bar Camaraderie

za 23.02.2019

Bar Camaraderie
9000 Gent


Hey there, beautiful superstar!

In Bar Camaraderie it's all about friendship. And what do you love to do with your friends? Sing!
Come sing your favorite song in this magical karaoke bar. Where the decorations are provided by my lovely friends and are ever changing under the directions of myself. Imagine to be in your own personal videoclip, and you are the singstar.

With works & performances by

Ohne Francis
Tina Sabrina Joyce
Filip Anthonissen
Louise Delanghe
Hamer Kormeling
Liesbeth Feys
Sofie De Cleene
De Kezel Julie
Emily Lefèbvre
Telma Lannoo & Goedele Vanbesien
Koi Persyn
Jasmien Bursali
Anna Mlck
Lieselotte Vloeberghs
Ines Claus
Twin Flames (Mathias Mu & Mia Syn)
Thomas Willemen
An Wittevrongel
Lizzy Vandierendonck