Ines Claus @ ABC Klubhuis

za 02.02 - za 09.03.2019

ABC Klubhuis
Sint-Jacobsmarkt 59
2000 Antwerpen


ABC Klubhuis is happy to celebrate and share with you this years first opening in their bright and beautiful exhibition space. Right now, it is holding hands with three great artists that together will bring color and life to the first alphabet´s letters A B C.

Even though Aurélie Salavert, Ines Claus and Yannick Ganseman all wear different pants, ABC Klubhuis wouldn´t be surprised if there was a krijdt in their zakjes! They have cooled down de ijskast and heated up the Klub so no one will feel cold or lonely with a winters blues. You are more than welcome to take off your handschoenen and take a step inside. Life is a mystery but it feels like home, it´s like a dream no end and no beginning and so it will stay for the next five weeks, from 2nd of February until the 9th of March.

Opening on Saturday 2.02 at 6pm.
Open for everyone on Tue, Fri, Sat from 2pm-6pm



Aurélie Salavert born 1966 in France, lives and works in Brussels. Here are some wonderful thoughts on her works for you french speakers ♥. Aurélie Salavert cherche quelque chose, parfois des choses différentes. Elle trouve souvent pour notre bonheur, et lorsqu’elle ne trouve pas nous sommes heureux d’être perdus avec elle. C’est une exploration que ce travail. Un long chemin de simplicité qui jamais ne frôle la naïveté. Il faut être précis dans le relevé de cette promenade, ainsi le jaune doit il être JAUNE, l’enfant doit être un
ENFANT , etc... Les scènes diverses, les abstractions, les collages, tout est vrai sur le chemin. La seule chose importante est l’objet ou non de notre croyance en ce chemin. La nature de notre croyance en les images que Aurélie Salavert a balisées de ci, de là.

Ines Claus (°1993, Antwerpen) graduated in 2017 at KASK School of Arts Ghent, with a Master in Fine Arts.
Her colorful works are often on a thin line between drawing, painting and installation. Her latest themes arouse around all the different depictions of the palm tree and its numerous shapes, mysterious legs of people without identity and swimming pools. Often a mix of paradise views combined with more earthly, humorous or surreal elements.

Yannick Ganseman (°1984, Leuven) is an artist without a formal art education, with a particular interest in sculptures and everyday scenes. He works in a wide range of materials in which scenes, still lifes and landscapes are shown. Recently he has been guest artist at the Academy of Anderlecht and had a residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum, of which the prints where shown in Japan, Tokushima and at Etablissement D’enface, Brussels. He has shown in multiple groupshows in Belgium since 2015 (Pulsar, Etablissement d’enface, Trampoline Gallery, LWM18, Galerie De Ziener, Bernaerts, …) and had soloshows at Rossicontemporary and CC Strombeek. He lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium