Liesbeth Henderickx, Roeland Van Trigt : : DE//GENERATIE

vr 22 - zo 31.03.2019

Chinastraat 1
9000 Gent


DE//GENERATIE is the first exhibition at ONSTEKING in line of our programme around decadence.
If you look at the latin origin of the word decadence- ‘decadentia’, it literally means decay. You can not deny how inseparable both these terms are. The richness, confusion and several dimensions around the term decadence are a valuable source of inspiration in building different approaches around the current theme that runs in ‘Ontsteking’.
Decadence tends to lean dangerously close to immorality, which easily turns into perversity. However, in our visual research through decadence, we want to emphasize that beauty not only is found in pure aesthetics but is equally present in the dark and doubtful depth behind the velvet curtains.

This exhibition examines the different layers of meaning of contemporary decadence within the same generation. Work of young artists who are looking for the value and manifestation of beauty this day will be shown.

We show how artists surrender themselves to materiality and the glorification of forms, or the other way around: are they exposing inevitable decay in their work? Is such a quest for beauty permitted in times like these? Is it decadent?

Floris Hoorelbeke
Liesbeth Henderickx
Giammarco Falcone (IT)
Marlies De Clerck
Mathias Prenen
Roeland van Trigt en Reinout Dewulf
Peter De Meyer
Atelier Stephane Vervaeke
Emily Lefèbvre
Stef Van Looveren
Jelle Spruyt
Che Go Eun (KR) aka Go Che

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woensdag 27 - zondag 31 OPEN van 14u-18u

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