Pieter De Clercq : : AMONG LAYERS

zo 17.03 - zo 28.04.2019

Waterloosesteenweg 690
1180 Ukkel

website: www.plagiarama.com

Pieter De Clercq and Gérard Meurant each deploy a corpus of work that takes into account the space available. More than works of art, these artists create from a collection of pieces that are activated, taking shape within a larger whole. These temporary positions are emerging for the exhibition, the pieces will be brought to deploy later in different ways. The process of elaboration of the work is part of it, highlighted, it becomes the subject of the work itself.

Pieter De Clercq takes as starting point the usual and domestic object, while Gérard Meurant's work finds its source in an everyday image. These artists approach their immediate environment and explore it. The modus operandi of the artists, made visible, allows us to grasp the essence of objects related to the world, but also to read and understand what human activity is. The strategies of diversion, inversion, deformation and destruction allow them to turn everything upside down, revealing the different layers of reality and inviting us to explore them.

Curator Yuna Mathieu-Chovet