Carlos Caballero @ A black line across the page

di 19.11 - wo 23.10.2019

Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture
Carrer d'Espronceda 326
Nave 4 & 5
08027 Barcelona


'A black line across the page'

"As part of the Loop City Screen program of 2019, Espronceda Institute of Arts and Culture presents November 19-23 “A black line across the page” a project curated by Valentina Casacchia, including artists: Francesca Banchelli, Carlos Caballero, Keren Cytter, Alice Guareschi, Annika Larsson, Bruno Marrapodi, Lorenzo Montanini, Sharon Paz, Beatrice Scaccia. In November 2018 a group of four artists (A.Guareschi, B. Marrapodi, L.Montanini, B. Scaccia) along with the curator attended the residency of Espronceda Institute of Arts and Culture in Barcelona, reading out loud the novel by George Simenon “The Snow was Dirty” (1950). This debate led to a reflection on mode of storytelling and throughout the whole year they have been dialoguing among them to propose a perspective on how to narrate a story. Within the wider topic of the Loop Festival 2019’s edition “Even Outer Space” this project reflects on being “outside”, either formally than intimately, of narration. Some of the works have been specifically made for this exhibition, some other have been selected as relevant to the subject. The title recalls the gesture of underlining a page, as well as highlighting something substantial, or yet erasing, while quoting the major emotional color (grey to black) used by Simenon in his novel. While living our days, we currently spend a good portion of time in the attempt to circumscribe, channel and orient, according to the maximum sharing, the experience in its unfolding. As we move along a never-ending search towards the perfect label, we have crafted a personal language that often embodies a very large spectrum of feelings. Although we might have reduced this whole vocabulary first to captions than images and ultimately to little graphics (i.e.emoji) we still embrace the need of telling a story. Inspired by a re-reading the novel “The Snow was Dirty” (1950) by Georges Simenon the project gathers together a small anthology of video and animation by international artists that investigate modes of storytelling. Some of them put their effort on the structure and formal nature of language, others, arguing weather narration is possible or not, digs into the imperfection of subjectivity, the resistance of feelings and the limit of communication when it comes to representation. While it pays tribute to one of the greatest writers existed, the novel focuses on the themes of human imperfection, discomfort, and failure lived through addiction and coldness, eternal topics offering an active chance of reasoning. In addition, the need to consider how we can really build a narration today."

Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture

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