BLANCO Eline Ronse : : Have you spotted a MELODI lamp? Send a photo and streetname to +32496890681

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Stadhuis Gent - Hoogpoort


HOOGPOORT #13 — Elien Ronse
Have you spotted a MELODI lamp? Send a photo and streetname to +32496890681


Have you spotted a MELODI lamp? Send a photo and streetname to +32496890681

L'abat-jour crée une lumière directe sur la table et agréable dans l'ensemble de la pièce. Sa forme courbée est facile à coordonner avec d'autres meubles et son prix ne pourra que vous plaire.

Doğrudan aydınlatma sağlar; yemek masası ya da bar aydınlatması için iyi bir seçim.

يوفر غطاء ا لمصباح إضاءة موجهة فوق طاولة الطعام، ويعمل على نشر، إضاءة موزعة لطيفة
في الغرفة. شكل بسيط يمكن دمجه مع أنواع أخرى .من ا لأثاث، بسعر مناسب ومقبول للجميع

The shade provides directional light over the dining table, and spreads a pleasant, diffused light into the room. A simple form that’s easy to combine with other furniture, at a price that is easy to like.

Daje światło kierunkowe, dobre do oświetlenia stołu w jadalni czy blatu barowego.

De lampenkap geeft een gericht licht boven de eettafel en verspreidt een gezellig, gelijkmatig licht door de kamer. Een stijlvolle vorm, die eenvoudig te combineren is met andere meubels, tegen een prijs die iedereen zal aanspreken.


Il paralume emette una luce diretta sul tavolo e una piacevole luce diffusa nella stanza. La sua forma lineare è facile da coordinare con diversi tipi di mobili e il suo prezzo sarà una gradita sorpresa.

La pantalla dirige la luz hacia la mesa del comedor y crea una iluminación agradable y difusa para el resto de la habitación. Un diseño sencillo, fácil de combinar con otros muebles y a un precio muy apetecible.

Der Schirm spendet gerichtetes Licht über den Esstisch und verbreitet einen warmen, gleichmäßigen Schein im Raum. Die stilreine Form passt zu vielen Einrichtungsstilen - und der Preis ist auch ein Grund zum Strahlen.


Elien Ronse

The object in its domestic surrounding takes a central place in the work from visual artist Elien Ronse (°Belgium, 1987). Commodities often reveal homogenizing effects within private sphere formed by a consumerist and neoliberal context. Ronse collects observations in homes in order to document the continual contradiction between the intimate versus ordinary existence of things. A house holds the most private aspects of a person’s life, while at the same time is filled with commonly available things. In a systematic way Ronse observes domestic life and habits generated within, the gathered documents are reused to emphasize the beautiful as well ridicule structures that mostly seem invisible caused by their permanent presence. While applying rules to organise her own life, she as well enlarges the absurdity of mundane systems. Ronse uses the documents to make installations, games, performance, audio- and videowork.


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