© Ines Claus

Ines Claus : : Chiens perdus avec collier

di 09.06 - ma 31.08.2020

CDLT+ Gallery
Rue Saint-Paul 1
(Rue Charles Magnette)
4000 Luik

website: www.artaucentre.be/work/ines-claus/

Ines Claus is glad to announce her vitrine Chiens Perdus avec collier, is officially open for Art au Centre de Liège, invited by curator Marine Candova for CDLT+ Gallery. This is an Art walk or parcours throughout the city of Liège with 27 fellow artists. Please visit the website for more information and on the bottom of the page you will find a map. It includes both works on paper and on canvas in an adapted setting. A self published Brochure will be available soon, check the instagram page to be updated. A finissage will be announced for the end of August.

A woman dressed in a two- tone suit walks surrounded by red ornaments, accompanied by a dog from a painting from another era. A dog hides under a clover tablecloth while its collar hangs above its head. The Pepper and salt seem to be taking a stroll. Friezes entangle the swirling chains, but where did the pet go?