© Joke Raes

Joke Raes @ Disorder (repeat)

za 23.01 - za 13.02.2021

do - za 14u - 18u
DMW Gallery
Koolstraat 15
2140 Antwerpen

website: www.dmwgallery.be

A group show with works by

Disorder (REPEAT)’ brings together the work of five artists in a group exhibition on disorder as a hallmark of the creative spirit. Works of art as the end result of a process in a disorganized environment in which the mind is freed from habits, trying to formulate new answers to the challenges presented by our reality. Repetition as a principle to create order out of chaos, directly or indirectly. Not always recognizable for the viewer, but always deliberate and unique for each artist.

For one this translates into an abstracted corpus of lines, points and punched holes, for the other a methodical use of the alphabet as the ordering principle of language. Or: subtle variations on patterns in marble and glass, into which environmental elements are ingrained; recurrent text fragments crossed out and interspersed with historical references; a conceptual practice that blurs the boundaries between man and the natural environment.

By bringing together all of these at first sight discrete practices of distinguished artists, the works presented here reveal themselves as a whirlwind of ideas, in which chaos is deliberately allowed to become a mechanism for decisions and innovations to be reproduced organically and repetitively.