Guy Slabbinck @ Dead Parrots and Flying Hammers

za 22.01 - di 22.02.2022

Bruthaus Gallery
Molenstraat 84
8790 Waregem


Guy Slabbinck mainly produces large-format paintings that are overwhelming in their wealth of colours, textures and motifs. He places mythological or magical figures in exotic landscapes that radiate both paradise and menace. Here and there, the artist himself appears in the works, an expression of the dialogue that Slabbinck constantly maintains with art history.
In addition to painting, Slabbinck has also been involved in filmmaking since 2018. Painting plays a major role in this process.

Joost Pauwaert (b. 1985) loves weighty machines and objects made of wood and metal, such as anvils, cannons and giant saw blades. He creates these things himself, always departing from a technical challenge. Can he make a heavy anvil balance on a feather? Or catapult it into a funnel? Can he build his own cannon? Or fire two simultaneously so the cannonballs collide and deform? The poetry of these enterprises lies in the originality of the questions, while the works go beyond typical artistic expressions. In fact, they precede them and return us to a time of greater affinity between art and science. Or do they lead us back to the fundamental questions in sculpture, which has always been about gravity and density. Here, we approach a fundamental poetry, I mean, one that is derived from the beauty of the objects themselves. 
Intro by Hans Theys, from “The Flying Twelve-Pounder - Interview with Joost Pauwaert “