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do 03 - wo 16.03.2022

03 & 04.03
BOZAR, Brussels

Kunstencentrum Nona

website: https://hiros.be/en/project/everybody-has-to-leave-home-sometime/

Playwright and writer Dolores Bouckaert and visual artist Charlotte Bouckaert work together for the first time and form the perfect duo to stage Mary Ventura and the Ninth Kingdom by Sylvia Plath, a dark story about female agency and independence, about life and death.

In their performance Everybody has to leave home sometime, the duo focusses on the choices Mary Ventura faces. As a young woman, Mary is placed on a train by her parents for a journey with no stops and to an unknown destination. She feels anxious and afraid, she does not want to go along with the others on the train. One special passenger points out that she does have a choice: ‘Pull the emergency brake Mary!’ Mary does not go along with the others and instead chooses the unknown. Can we also pull the emergency brake? How can you break the continuous movement that drives you on? Is quitting a solution? Does free will really exist? Or are we in any case subject to outside factors that impose a direction on us? These are the questions that Dolores and Charlotte Bouckaert address in this musical and cinematographic performance, the action of which is filmed and projected in real time.