COMMON INCOME: Ghent Money Moment

do 28.04.2022

Kunstencentrum Vooruit


COMMON INCOME: Ghent Money Moment Thursday 28 April (20h-22h),
Kunstencentrum Vooruit
Dear artist, cultural worker, other citizen How do you look at your income? What are your needs in this matter, in a sector with often irregular incomes? (How) could we better support each other to get to the end of the month? Common Income explores the possibility of sharing income in (not only) the arts. Your input can help. Join the Money Moment for an intimate conversation with ten artists and cultural workers to break the taboo on money. With a brainstorm about a concrete experiment to provide more financial stability within (not only) the arts. Money Moments in other cities, via the same registration form: - Tuesday 10 May, 19:00-21:00, Monty, Antwerp - Tuesday 31 May, 19:30-21:30, NONA, Mechelen - Tuesday 7 June, 19:30-21:30, Brussels (possibly De Beursschouwburg - TBC) COMMON INCOME is supported by Kunstenpunt - Flanders Arts Institute's A Fair New World: