Dimitris Theocharis : : It's all about trust

za 16 - di 26.09.2023

De Verffabriek
Flanelstraat 33

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"If all the lights from the artist's apartment are before me, then they are not there anymore. As a result, his house will remain in darkness throughout the duration of the show."
From ceiling and floor lights to desk lamps, nightstand lamps, hallway and bathroom lighting, Dimitris Theocharis has transported all the light sources from his house to De Verffabriek. Departing from this domestic intervention, he interrogates the colour of the stars as much as the sound of nearby history.

Opening 16.09.2023 at 21:00 — welcome every day until 26.09.2023 
Open every evening: 21:00 – 23:00