Jean-Marie Bytebier: a second opinion

vr 06.09 - za 12.10.2013

Galerie Van de Weghe
Pourbusstraat 5
2000 Antwerpen

vernissage: 5 september 18u00-21u00
openingsuren: donderdag-zaterdag 14u00-18u00

auteur: Jean-Marie Bytebier


Landscapes were painted, either-, as background to a human scene, or- as conjuration of a danger projected in the natural scenery. 

In that last instance the painting acted as the soothing mediator. But once this mediator withdraws, the observer is thrown upon his own view. 

He must find his way in the vibration between abstraction and recognizable figuration. Between (phantom) depth, and threatening- and close proximity.

The painting no longer mediates. It haunts and keeps on prowling around.

Neither can the onlooker situate himself in time. 

The apparent parity, the moment after the first moment, is different once again. 

(text: Denis Dujardin, Sancepolcro, August 2013)