Jasper Rigole

W: http://www.jasperrigole.com
T: 0486 62 18 92


"The ball I threw while playing in the park
Has not yet reached the ground."
Dylan Thomas, Should lanterns shine (1937)

‘The International Institute for Conservation, Archiving and Distribution of Other people’s Memories (IICADOM) is a fictive institute by the artist Jasper Rigole.
It all started with the editing of 8mm-footage he found on a flea market. Since then, he has been collecting these films.
Despite the fictive nature of the institute, it still has a clear goal: It seeks new destinations for ‘lost’ memories. All material fulfils the same criteria: They once had a personal and emotional value which is now lost (and therefore has become worthless). Within the structure of the institute, these lost images take on a new value.
The spectator is confronted in Rigole’s films with research that is so farfetched and detailed that the reality depicted in his work seems plausible. This aims towards reflection about memory and its subjectivity.’
(Stef Van Bellingen, 2007)