Juan Duque

W: www.betweencorners.eu


The presence of landscapes.
What I can say about my work in general is that there is an obsessive presence of landscapes.
I understand landscapes as group of dynamics which are involved in the transformation of everything external to our bodies.
I am concerned about processes of deterritorialization and reterritorialization specially the displacement of meaning from objects, images, and places I rather to be focus on the in between situations provoked during those displacements.

By working in situ installations, I explore and consider characteristics of the space that are normally overlooked. Like in archaeology, processes in my work are the result of finding and revealing marks, traces, layers of information. It is difficult to get rid of the palimpsest though: the memories present on the site are constantly inducing strategies related to the dynamics and systems present in nature, which I call 'transversal strategies' 1(for instance recovering, reappropriating, unveiling).
The main of my actions is to reveal the process of intense observation and interpretation together with associations and references to cultural and personal experiences.
As a result, areas of intensity, disruption and uncertainty appear in my work, linked to behaviours such as interconnectivity, mutability, and interference.
These added layers are stepping stones for new arguments and situations.
Through my installations I would like the visitor to get involved in a multi-sensory experience where his/her negotiation with the space brings agreements, but also confrontation and uncertainty about the notion of place and memory.

1.(interdisciplinary approach:architecture, arts, urban design, landscape urbanism)