Elien Ronse

W: www.elienronse.be

In my practice I focus on the relation between commodities and people, looking into daily objects and the ways they affect our habits. Through observations I collect visuals from subjects employing things or tools shaping our behaviour. In my work I aim to (subtly) tackle power structures emerging from neoliberalism, heteronormativity, eurocentrism, homogenisation and over-consumption. With a focus on mundane things directly surrounding us I want to disclose how we re-appropriate objects or resist political mechanisms through almost invisible behaviour. I mainly use photography, video, installation, games and performance to create work. A returning aspect in my trajectory is mimicking or duplication in order to highlight interchangeability of objects and subjects. Nowadays my work is often made through shared authorship, meaning that people surrounding me, known or unknown, certain neighbourhoods or groups are taking part in the making-process. In this I try to question my often privileged position, while aiming for a socially fair practice where people can take part in. By this I want to acknowledge our interdependency and the impossibility of autonomous authorship. I believe art is socially accountable and should be deeply embedded in society, where it might be unrecognised as an artwork but has its impact in alternative ways.