Corry Vandermassen

My artistic research is dedicated to exploring and manifesting the invisible and intuitive dimensions that resonate when archeologically aligning belly, heart and head. I try to translate this elusive and ethereal energy into an object or installation, approaching the subtle flavor of this energy as close as possible. My intention is to seduce the spectators into a wordless dialogue with the work, while reflecting in the meanwhile on links with the social environment and deeply rooted metaphysical polarizations as presence-absence, being-not-being, solid-elusive.

The installations are to be understood as a relic for the transcending whole while manifesting its own powerful capacity. Through simultaneously carving the skin and the depths of an internally felt landscape, time loses it superficially cadence. What emerges is the landscape of a world beyond ours, that at the same time resides in us. The mountain landscape reminds us of the age-old image of the route of life, touching the meandering journey from darkness to light, from noise to silence.

The sculptures awakens forgotten knowledge and enables us, as Axis Mundi in shamanism, to connect with different worlds.

The work in progress on the right, is accompagnied by an auditory guided visualisation

Abrahamstraat 15