Karel Verhoeven

°15 november 1982

Karel Verhoeven is a Belgian visual artist, designer and researcher. In his work Verhoeven is mainly interested in the formal and autonomous qualities of constructed areas or in the specific relation to social interaction.

Project-wise, he is playing with images and material, deconstructing and reconstructing. He adapts existing places in a playful, sculptural and architectural way.
This can result in a temporary or occasional integrated work in the public space, an exhibition, a cluster of situations, or performativ work, a publication, screening or talk.

On a more research based manner Karel observes, analyses and captures specific demarcated places in relation to social interactions. Often combined with site specific interactions and interventions.
Like an archaeologist he is looking for hidden material: artifacts, sound and video-material. Like an ethnograph, Verhoeven observes the relation between human interaction
and our constructed area.

One of the characters of his work is the hybrid form, shifting between disciplines.
With his background in graphic media, gradually shifting into
photography, time-based media and spatial work.

Verhoeven has a strong affinity with texture, material, pure form and playful gestures.
Often you recognize basis elements from both music and architecture: rhythm, composition and structure.

His first artistic action, a performance and series of integrated works, called Föhn Le Fenêtre,
was shown in 2008 during the festival 'The Game Is Up' in Vooruit. Since then he is regularly presenting his work in galleries, musea, public spaces, art centers and schools.

Very often Karel works on a co-creative way, with other artists, designers, architects, researchers etc.

Most of the time Verhoeven works and presents in Belgium,
and sometimes abroad in Europe.
He regularly goes on residencies.

Karel Verhoeven does teach on a regular base on Sint-Lucas Kunsthumaniora Gent,
presentation and workshops he gave at LUCA Gent, LUCA Brussel, KULeuven and iArts Maastricht.