Jeroen De Wandel

Jeroen De Wandel uses photography as a starting point to create new images from all sorts of material (photographic or otherwise) from his personal image archives. From ‘regular’ photography, his work evolved into (analogue and digital) collages, using his own photography in different shapes, contexts and meanings.
In exhibitions he often creates installations, in which photography may -or may not- play a role. His work has to be situated on the crossroads of photography and other art forms in which photography is still a starting point, but is increasingly (in)fused with other media.

He thinks photography as sculpture or even performance is much more exciting than a frame on the wall. Which is not to say that he doesn’t do that anymore, but it is becoming more integrated into the whole, the making of a complete ‘own world’.’

Main themes are the interaction between our psychological (well) being, technology and manipulation, time and the use of the medium photography.

instagram: jeroen_de_wandel


Selection of exhibitions
2022 Nocebo #2, 4n20, Kortrijk, BE (with Christophe Simoen, Kirsi Kempkes)
2022 Offspace #1, Gent, BE (group show with Ben Benaouisse, Lieven Herreman, Aäron Willem, Rik Goethijn, ...)
2022 The Plinth, S.M.A.K, Gent, BE
2021 Labo #5, Leuven, BE
2021 Nocebo, Post X, Merelbeke, BE (with Christophe Simoen, Kirsi Kempkes)
2020 Future Proposals, Platvvorm, Deinze, BE (group show with Leen Vandierendonck, Paul Van Haegenbergh,..)
2020 CAST, Zottegem, BE (group show with Hanne Lamon, Kevin Vanwonterghem)
2020 Festival Circulations, 104, Paris, FR (group show with Jan Hoek, Alba Zari, ...)
2019 033 Fotofinish Groupshow, Amersfoort, NL
2019 PEP Selection and Groupshow, tête, Berlin, DE
2019 vSac, groupexpo w/ Hans Op de Beeck, Lies Caeyers, Maaike Schoorel, Ritsart Gobyn,… , Leuven, BE
2019 .tiff, expo w Egon Van Herreweghe, Titus Simoens, Ann Vincent,... FoMu, Antwerpen, BE
2017 Recyclart, Josey Dakota, Brussel, solo, BE  
2017 Brugge Fotofestival, Turn/return Bogaerdekapel, Brugge, met Dries Segers, Julie van der Vaart, Michel Mazzoni, Brugge,  BE
2017 Somerset Gallery, Sony World Photography Shortlist Expo, London, UK
2017 TIG#5-Designmuseum w Willem Boel, Ann Sophie Deproost, Gent, Group Show, Gent, BE
2017 Cloud Gallery, Group Show w Vincent Delbrouck,..., Amsterdam, NL
2016 Braakland, FoMu, Antwerp, BE
2021 Echo’s Uit De Wijk #1-10: social photography project, magazine #1 edited by Jeroen De Wandel
2020 Amygdala Alpha & Amygdala Bèta: first two chapters in ongoing series of self publkished photobooks
2019 PEP Catalogue, DE
2018 Semi Magazine, Alpha, print publication, UK
2018 Publication Unveil’d and Phases Magazine, UK
2017 Life Framer, Permanent Collection, UK
2017: Synthesis I & II, self published photobooks