Tessa Groenewoud

W: www.tessagroenewoud.nl

An oeuvre that is at first glance diverse in various media is connected by a poetic and, on the other hand, critical astonishment about the coming into being and dealing with the (photographic) image. Subtle autobiographical references color the work - which often consists of found or existing 'fragments' or images and is indebted to the conceptual movement as well as to (the structural) film. Arising from a research in the medium used (from search engines and Google to analogue photography) it originates from observation or is sometimes framed in a predetermined concept, where the use of language and references to literature and art history often play a role. A tension that appropriates the various qualities of the photographic image - from the hyper-volatile digital and online to the fixed (in silver bromides on paper, as inkjet print or in book form) - regularly surfaces in recent works.