Georgia Kokot

Georgia really enjoys silence but, ironically, often only seems able to operate because of the noise. She is an artist who thinks that Art should be taken rather seriously, though artists need not treat themselves the same way. Because Art is an awesome and wondrous thing, she thinks we should resist the continued push to commodify works of art on the marketplace, and all the nasty little things that entails. She is a procrastinator, and a major day dreamer. This she mentions only because she is convinced that these things are positive attributes, especially in this day and age, and especially for an artist. In lazy protest to the accelerating pace of just about everything, she is in no rush to do anything. The notion of "work for work's sake," she feels, is antiquated and downright boring; she'd rather find a thing that is good to do, and do it well. Stories that ring true and expose our fragile emotional vulnerabilities thrill her. She gets her kicks and is comforted by reading good books, and wishes more people would do the same. She likes blue skies and green cities, and riding her bicycle in warm weather. Enjoys cooking very much. Thinks that the preceding information was much more informative than where she went to school and what kind of art she makes - and what, after all, is information for.

Convent Sint Antonius