Jonas Vanderbeke

T: +32 (0) 495 69 28 44


Jonas Vanderbeke collects different types of images from the internet in a personal archive that is linked to his personal environment and homosexuality. Mass media, and how anything can be found through the internet, play a crucial part in this.

The images are constructed in Photoshop in a collage-like manner and precisely placed and combined on the virtual canvas. Using the result as a guide, he then transfers the image onto the canvas with paint as exactly as possible. He uses painting as a tool to realize his work, making an extra dimension surface — the painted. He is fascinated by the conflict between the graphical and the painter’s hand.

Textual elements function in his work as fields that introduce a double meaning to the images’ topics that is not immediately apparent to the viewer. They are meant to convey a suggestion of text and merge into the image and the composition of the work.