Lucas Dewulf



Nearly Norman is an artist exploring and creating immersive realities. He was born in Menen, Belgium 1996. 

He studied Motion design at Luca School of Arts Ghent. Found his passion about storytelling and interactive works at the postgraduate Digital Storytelling at KASK Ghent. To learn about immersive storytelling and Industry he followed the European Creators lab at Bayerisches Filmzentrum.

Currently he lives in Ghent, Belgium. Professionally he works as a freelance creative technologist at A Mad Production and he gives workshops at Nerdlab (a makerspace focused on combining art and technology).

Lastly he is developing his artistic practice with a focus on storytelling; he creates shared experiences where human connection is central. Key to his work is using the affordances of digital technologies to explore the physical world and to question our analog nature within the virtual space.

Abrahamstraat 15