General house rules

Each building has its own specific house rules set down in the contract, so read your contract carefully!

 Here are the general house rules that apply to all the buildings

  • Always keep the front door closed to prevent access by outsiders. When you leave the building in the evening, always use the double lock on the front door.
  • Communal parts of the building (such as corridors, stairs and toilets) are to be kept clear of stored items, rubbish bags, loose waste and other litter. In the first place, this is necessary for fire safety, but in general, it's nicer to keep everything neat and tidy. Arrange with your fellow tenants to take turns in cleaning the toilets.
  • The space may only be used as a studio. It is strictly forbidden to use it to live or sleep in or use as a storage space.
  • NUCLEO has the right to enter your studio for the purpose of repairs. We try to inform you in advance when any work has to be carried out. However, if it is a case of an urgent repair or inspection, NUCLEO has the right to enter the studio without prior warning.
  • NUCLEO takes care of the necessary insurance for the building. If you wish, you may take an insurance for your own belongings. Ask your insurance agent.
  • You are yourself responsible for putting your sorted rubbish outside on the right days. Consult the IVAGO collection calendar here.
  • Close the windows when you leave your studio.
  • Turn the heating off when you leave your studio, especially if you are not going to be there for a longer period. This also applies to the communal areas. In the winter, leave the heating on at a low setting to prevent freezing.
  • If there are problems with the heating or you notice a leaking tap or toilet, or any other defect, contact us.
  • Everyone in the building is to avoid causing a nuisance or inconvenience to fellow tenants and local residents. Solve problems by mutual consultation.

Download the house rules in PDF format here.