STEP 1 – enrolling

Enrol here

STEP 2 – questionnaire

Thanks to your anonymous input we can form a clear picture of the need for workspaces for artists in Ghent, East Flanders and, by extension, the whole of Flanders.

STEP 3 – application form

We ask you a number of questions to help us learn about your work and to find out exactly what sort of space you are looking for.

NOTE - don’t wait too long to complete the this, as the application form expires after 48 hours.

STEP 4 – confirmation of application

Once you have completed the previous steps, you will receive confirmation of your application by e-mail with an explanation of what happens next.

STEP 5 – submission of dossier

An admissible application consists of

  • artistic CV
  • visual documentation
  • written context for the work (max. 500 words)
  • information regarding personal motivation for the application and what the studio will be used for

CV - the most important information about your artistic practice with an emphasis on the last 2 to 3 years. Lists of exhibitions (solo or group shows), events, commissions, awards, publications, sales etc., mentioning dates. Also be sure to state any extracurricular activities such as lectureships, advisory and committee functions.

Visual documentation - at least 20 pictures of your work from the last 2 to 4 years, with title, year, dimensions and media used.

Written context for the work (max. 500 words) - explanation of the work and your evolving artistic practice. Describe the content and artistic principles and how they are reflected in your work and in your practice. Describe, if applicable, any collaboration with others and what your part was in it.

Motivation for the use of the workspace - what it will be used for, intensity of use, your reasons for applying and possible concrete plans for artistic projects,….

This dossier can be submitted on paper or digitally.

STEP 6 – allocation panel

The allocation panel assesses the application dossier on the basis of set criteria.

STEP 7 – waiting list and allocation

Once you have been selected by the allocation panel you will be put on our waiting list. When a workspace that is suitable for you becomes available we shall contact you to arrange for a visit. If it meets your approval you can move in as soon as you like!

Do you have any further questions? Or doubts as to whether you qualify?

Be sure to read our FAQs.