Do I qualify for a NUCLEO studio?

NUCLEO provides spaces for visual artists. That means painters, drawers, sculptors, installation artists, video and audio artists, and every possible combination of these genres. When the facilities lend themselves specifically to this purpose, people from other disciplines such as theatre-makers and writers also exceptionally take accommodation in one of our buildings.

Creative entrepreneurs may qualify if they work specifically on the basis of an artistic vision and their work is not purely commercial.

NUCLEO also houses cultural organisations with a related vision or operations. Organisations with purely commercial objectives do not qualify.

Read the criteria here


How long does one have to wait for a studio?

The wait depends on the buildings available and the departure of other artists from their studio. This makes prediction very difficult. It may be several weeks or months or, exceptionally, more than a year.

We make selections from the applications at regular intervals. If your application is approved you are put on the waiting list. Note that the date of your application determines your place on the waiting list. So it’s best to apply as soon as possible!

When a space suitable for you becomes available we contact you to arrange a visit. From then on it can all go very quickly!


What do I have to do to apply for a studio?

You will find all the necessary information here


How much does a studio cost?

Rents are calculated on the basis of the floor area, the facilities available and the amount of daylight. We also take account of the location and the state of the building, and the position of the space within the building. So the prices vary considerably depending on the size and quality of the space (it ranges from €50 to €500), and include electricity, gas and water.

It is important when you apply that you tell us what you can afford to pay and exactly what you are looking for. This will enable us to assess what is the most suitable workspace for you.


How long can I continue using my studio?

That depends on the owner of the building. The premises used by NUCLEO are usually entrusted to us temporarily. It cannot always be predicted exactly how long we shall be managing these buildings. But in practice it turns out that most of the buildings remain under our administration for several years.


Can I terminate the contract myself?

Yes, you can, as long as you give sufficient notice. This differs from building to building, but is a maximum of three months.


Can I share a studio with someone?

When the space is suitable, NUCLEO encourages the sharing of a studio. But all the users have to be approved by the NUCLEO allocation panel and be on our waiting list.

NUCLEO also offers studios that are specifically intended for sharing.


What sorts of studios are available?

The studios are extremely varied and this therefore also applies to their use. Some buildings contain very large spaces in a rather industrial style, while other studios are in very old buildings and monuments, where the light and the silence are the greatest assets.

We provide the basic facilities such as heating, electricity, lighting and shared toilets. In the spaces where this is not feasible we make arrangements on a ‘do-it-yourself’ basis, whereby the artist provides the basic facilities and maintenance in exchange for a lower rent.

There are both individual studios and shared studios available.