Are you a property owner?

NUCLEO now has more than 15 years of experience in renting and letting property in 29 separate buildings and is an experienced and reliable partner. More than 150 artists currently use one of our workspaces. Since the demand for studio space remains greater than the supply, NUCLEO is constantly looking for new buildings.

Custom management

Every building is different. NUCLEO manages each one in a way suited to the building and its owner. Clear arrangements ensure the most positive relations regarding the use of the building. We endeavour to draw up a clear contract between the two parties that distinctly formulates the obligations of both the owner and the tenant. In addition, we conclude legally underpinned contracts with the users of these spaces. It goes without saying that we take charge of fire insurance, tenant liability insurance and commercial liability insurance.


NUCLEO has a renovation budget based on an investment grant from Ghent City Council which enables it to take responsibility for making the building fit for use.

Any work is carried out in consultation with the owner and with proper regard for the character and individuality of the building. We have experience with very old buildings and monuments. The work at the Ter Hoyen Beguinage, the Leopold Barracks and on Lindenlei was very much geared to this approach.

Do you have an empty building?
For more information or questions, contact us on 09 329 50 52 or at

Management by NUCLEO – the added value

  • Empty buildings not only fall into decay, but can also be squatted and are susceptible to vandalism. Full-time use by NUCLEO and its artists provides extra protection against dilapidation and undesirable visitors, and makes a major contribution to the upkeep of your building.
  •  The risk of incurring the tax on unoccupied buildings is eliminated.
  • NUCLEO carries out the work necessary for the building to be used, and this investment signifies an upgrading of your property.
  • The terms of our cooperation are set down precisely in legally underpinned contracts.
  • NUCLEO is your single point of contact and is responsible for all contacts and contracts with the artists.
  • You would be working with an experienced and reliable partner that receives the support of Ghent City Council and the Province of East Flanders.

In addition to your benefits as a property owner, there is also a social angle

  • The building is re-enlivened; you thereby contribute to a lively neighbourhood and city.
  • The building is given a cultural purpose, and is put to meaningful use as artists’ studios.
  • You create possibilities for the expansion of Ghent’s studio policy, and thereby also support Ghent’s cultural economy.
  • Beginning artists and creative entrepreneurs who need a workplace get the opportunity to rent at an affordable price.
  • By stimulating social employment (e.g. by means of renovation in association with Ghent social services Training and Employment Centre) this project has not only a cultural basis, but also a social one.

By allowing NUCLEO to manage your building you make a substantial contribution to the cultural life of Ghent.