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Looking for the right place at the right moment.
hemorrhage of reality

The exploded view drawing it’s a schematic or technical drawing that show all the component, the relationship and the order of an object slightly separated by distance and suspended in the surrounding space. In this way it’s possible to see all the component of the object, their position and their function.
It means also to consider all the single pieces as part of “the intere”, the single as the all, founding concept of the philosophy of Plutarco.

“you are not a nomad isolated part,
but a unique part

and irreplaceable of the cosmos.
Don’t forget it,
you are an essential element

in the tangle of humanity”

Wrote Arriano in the Manual of Epitteto.

What happen if we adopt the concept of “exploded view drawing” to the reality?

How reality looks like if we analyze all the single pieces that compose it?

How we can act and live if we look at the single pieces that compose the reality and not
at the reality as an ensemble?

And than, what it means reality?

Like if the illusion, the vail of Maya, it’s the only way to live what we are looking for.

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